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Ahhh loving these tales of your gypsy gatherings -stirs the traveller's blood in me. Looking at pic's I can see how you guys must have wanted to venture into new colour schemes that accentuated less the modern line of (Place here the name for lovely home) hehe. Got any in mind? Surely there would have to be some rich aquamarine/azure blues in there somewhere.
Love n hugs

Kerry Sunderland

Thank you Adele, it's wonderful to get your feedback! For the past two nights we have been parked at Lake Wardell (right in the middle of the South Island, just south of Lake Pukaki and Aoraki (Mount Cook) and another house bus, parked across the other side of the lake, had a gorgeous paint job - sort of a metallic leaf green with illustrations of tipis, horses, clouds and eagles on the side. Very inspiring, I took photos. Agree there must be some aquamarine/azure in ours - maybe a body of water!

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